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i have an LCD TV and i used to connect my toshiba laptop with it thru an s-video cable, i.e., both sides, there is an s-video port and it used to work perfectly. but now, that cable got ruined and i got a new one with s-video port on one side and RCA plug on the other. now when i try to connect the same laptop to my tv, only black and white picture comes up if i connect just the yellow plug to the tv and if i connect the other 2 (red and white) connectors also, the picture vanishes completely. wt kind of issue is this. Please help.
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    You are either connecting the composite cables wrong or the cable is bad. S-Video carries color info and pictures in sepearate streams, what's happening is that you are getting picture info but not color. Just get another regular s-video cable.

    Yellow, Red, White cables sound like Video and left/right audio. You may have gotten a wrong cable. You could also be just plugging them into the wrong connectors on the back of the TV, there are 3 for composite video, Rgb, Ygb, something like that. Don't remember exactly. If you have a correct working cable, you need to check on how to connect it.

    Actually, I just realized, if you have an LCD TV, there is a good chance you have a VGA input on it, and your laptop should have a VGA output. Use the VGA cable to connect them, you will get much better quality.
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