Future Safe Gaming PC (tower only) @ $600

I am building a gaming PC. I need suggestions. My Budget is $600 for tower only. My priority is to have a future safe PC with a longlife, further upgradable and at best possible price/performance.
I can wait if any price drop is expected and whether it is good time to buy now.

Here is what I made:

GPU : 9600gt ($133+shipping?) (dont want to discard it after 4yrs, any soln?)

CPU : 8400 ($180-190+shipping?)

Mobo : MSI P7N SLI-FI ($109 after rebate+shipping?)(its the best i think with PCIe 2.0)

RAM : ? (currently 2gb 800 then yr later to 4gb 1066 possible?)
PSU : ?
HDD : ?
Drive: ? (Can be omitted if price increases)
Case : Shd I use old one

Another problem is I want to buy online as my local prices are much higher (check @ http://www.galaxy.com.pk/price.htm ($xx = Rs.xx/68)) and its the first time for me. newegg.com doesn't offer International Shipping, any good online stores? Also what will be est. shipping costs to my country (Pakistan)? Would that better to get from online stores in China,Singapore,Taiwan,HongKong or UAE as they are near and shipping cost would be less.
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  1. Would love to help ya mate, but my knowledge of Pakistan is a bit small. Amazon doesn't ship there as well. Wait for the hype to go up in smoke, and don't buy a GPU atm, wait another week or so.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Well some good international retailers i found are :
    Amazon does but not all items.

    well what abt other components?
  3. PSU: 400-500W Corsair or PC Power and Cooling.
  4. Is there Google Products in Pakistan? I buy all my parts there so long as the seller has some sort of rating.

  5. i would not buy that 8400, its a dual core thats way overpriced (equal to an i5 in price). I would recommend buying a cheaper quad and overclocking it to the same stock speeds or buying a 955 BE.
  6. Either Phenom II 955 for the same price (or less), or the i5 for a bit more at your price range is the best way to go.
    Another, more advisable option is the Phenon II 720 coupled with a better GPU (ATI 4870, GTX 260, or next gen ATI GPU) if gaming is top priority.
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