SATA drive found in BIOS only after 2 boots

OK, so this is a weird one. I have an older HP computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500 processor, and the latest BIOS, running XP Home SP3. I upgraded to a Samsung HD103UJ 1TB SATA drive (from the original Maxtor 200GB SATA), cloned the system drive onto it, and expanded the system partition (C drive). So far so good. Here's the weird bit. Now, any time I boot up (the first time) from a full power-down (i.e., not an immediate restart), the BIOS shows no hard drive in the IDE list, just my DVDs, then tells me I need a system disk, of course. I wait a second, punch the button on the front, it reboots and viola, there's the HD. I can then proceed normally with no problems. It does this without fail every time. All I can think is that the drive is too slow to power up, so that BIOS can't see it the first time, but by the second time, it is at full power, and can be recognized. Any ideas?
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  1. That theory "shouldn't" be true, since the POST process should complete (and ID all the drives) before BIOS looks for a boot device. If you want to give the system a little more time though, reset the boot priority order to: 1)Floppy, 2)CD/DVD, 3)Hard drive.
    You never know, it might work...
    I also might consider getting a new coin cell battery for the BIOS with a system that old. $3 or so from Wall Mart.
    If your system has to ID every bit of hardware fresh with each boot, it can take quite a bit of time, and your BIOS setting will be at default instead of where you want them to be. Maybe it completes POST without all the info it needs.
    Just my 2¢.
  2. swap the cable and plug to the drive, you most likely have a poor connection
  3. SATA-II drives support a feature called "staggered spin-up" which is designed to prevent all SATA drives from spinning up at the same time and drawing an excessive amount of power. I haven't been able to find any info on exactly how the spin-up sequence is determined, but I'm thinking that if you have more than one SATA drive attached to your motherboard you could try swapping the SATA ports between them (based on the theory that the spin-up order is controlled by the port number).

    It's also possible that you might be able to find a utility on the Samsung web site to disable staggered spin-up for your boot drive.
  4. Thanks for the ideas!

    505090 - Already tried two cables and two ports, including the cable and port that were working fine with the earlier drive. Problem remains.

    Sminlal - Only one SATA drive attached.

    Newf - Boot order already set up with HD last. Hadn't thought of the battery. That's worth a go, I think. Perhaps the problem, then, is in the POST process...
  5. might want to exchange the drive
  6. I had a memory module act the same way on an old AMD 500 mhz system that I had quite some time ago. On cold boot the DIMM was not recognized. After a restart, BOOM, there it was. The dealer swapped it for me. Problem solved.

    Good luck...
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