Cooling E6400 with what??

Hi good people ,

I've got a question , I need you to recommend me which CPU fan to buy?

my Pc running on 44C in Idle with Emule , comodo, .
the pc has stock cooling , I'm not a heavy gamer so no OC in my PC , but this temp is annoying me .
I think its too high .

my hardware is :
EZcool 500W
Core 2 Dou E6400
2 GB CEON 800 MHz
Msi mobo I don't remember the series.
1 HDD by WD, cavier 250Gb
2 Cd drives , one is a dvd writer and the other is a reader only.
NX8800GT by MSI 512 Mb (this is the thing that making my PC hot)

I know I posted something like that before but I was asking about a case,
when I went to the store to ask for the antec 900 the sales man asked me why do I think of buying the case.
that's why I'm asking you all in here What will be more effective ?
changing the case to antec 900 or the armour jr ( sorry still got this debate in my mind)
changing the stock CPU fan on the PC? I've already added one more fan

Best Reagrds,
Noam Hazon
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  1. What case do you currently have?
  2. something unfamiliar.
    its a cheap one.
    I didn't built this computer .
    I just recently really pushed into computers, I always had this thing in my mind , but only now I'm starting to really understand a lot of things .
    I'm much more a software person, at least I was ,
    now I'm reading this forum every morning and learning new stuff .

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. The problem is, if your case is allowing lots of heat to build up inside, then no matter how good your HSF is, it won't be able to lower the temperatures.

    Try running the case with the side off for a while and see how that affects your temperatures.

    Or wait till you've been running it a while and press you're hand on the top of the case, or pop it just inside the top. If it's really hot then a new case might be more beneficial.

    What sort of ambient temperatures have you got?
  4. well the case itself doesn't get hot.
    the hot air is coming out and warming up my whole room .
    with the side off its 4 degrees less.

    my room temperature is around 36 , I live in Israel, its quite hot around here, but before getting the NX 8800 GT to my PC I didn't had this kind of heating.
    I don't remember what it was but I'm sure it was less.

    thanks for your reply,
  5. "my room temperature is around 36".... C?

    Dat's.... 96.8F.

    Heh... can't wait to see people recommend thermal grease. :lol:
  6. Grimmy said:
    Heh... can't wait to see people recommend thermal grease. :lol:

    Dammit, and that was my next suggestion! :p

    It's not going to be 36F in Israel, is it?! That'd be 2C!

    Noam, if your CPU is only running 8C warmer than ambient I shouldn't worry too much and there's not a lot you can do about it!
  7. Ok now im home I can answer you for every question you might ask.

    the tempature in Israel right now is 26 C degrees.
    my computer running with 44 C degress.
    2% load
    and 3 % load on the second core.

    now you see why im worring so much lol...
  8. See if you can lower the default Voltage the Mobo is applying to the CPU.
    This could definitely help reduce the heat that your CPU is generating.
  9. I'm Portuguese but i have Brazilian friends (in Brazil ofc) that their computers also suffer the same problem.
    Its not like its cool in Brazil.

    You can do several hardcore moves, all different, all worked :

    - Lap your CPU and Thermal Paste, any one.
    - Saw a big hole in your left door panel, so you can fit 4x80mm fans.
    - Buy a better Case, and give it a good air flow.
    - Make a case yourself, with a good airflow and nice 80-90mm fans.
    - Do not use a case.

    They are Brazilian, and they have the Portuguese part of do-it-yourself solutions when something isn't working properly. If your short on Israeli Sheqel's I'm sure on of those options will work :D

    You'll be amazed the amount of people that doesn't mount it on a case, or just use the framework of a cheap one.
  10. Hi ,
    listen I wont sprean all the things out .
    I want it to be well organized in a case.

    I just need to know what will help , a new case or a better CPU fan ,
    maybe even just to bring a VGA cooling or something like that...
    I really dont know ..
    but the things you said about the brazilian , maybe it works for them , but not for me (sorry if it sounds like im pissed off I'm really dont and I really appreciate your help) .

    why would I power down the CPU with less voltage ?
    its voltage is by defualt.
    Im sorry I dont see it as a solution.
    (sorry if it sounds like im pissed off I'm really dont and I really appreciate your help) .
    It just not the solution .. not for me ,
    there is no way all the people in Israel with system like I have ,
    will power the Cpu with less voltage or drill the case for another fan or all that, there is much more a simple way , I bet.

    its like im feeling it or a case or a cpu fan or a gpu fan.
    some of these can solve it .. but which of them will be the most effective?

    Best Regards,
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