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First let me say HELLO to everyone.

I am getting ready to start building a WHS server and I have a cople of questions. I have read many posts where people say WHS does not support RAID. WHS prefers / is desined to use Drive Extender. Well, being in IT for about 13 years, I have learned the difference between hardware raid / software storage solutions. Ultimately I believe hardware raid to be more reliable. Now onto the questions.

The goal is to build a WHS server with about 15-16TB of space. Here are the cases I plan to use.

Server Case

Sata Case

Now, the SATA case uses 2 Port Multipliers hosting 10 drives. The server will host 8 drives, 6 of which I want to be a part of the same VOLUME as the 10 drives in the SATA case.

QUESTION 1: With this hardware is it possible to run the 16 drives in a RAID 6 configuration? or am I going to be stuck with JBOD or Software RAID?

QUESTION 2: What RAID card/cards would you recommend that can host all 16 drives?

FYI: I would like to go SAS but I like the case design and dont want to spend another 600-800 on a decent SAS case.
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  1. I don't really know why you're emphasizing Windows Home Server. Isn't that just a software protocol to manage whatever hardware setup you choose? In any case, it's possible to get 16TB under RAID 6, just make sure the controller can handle the number of drives you plan to use.
  2. Your links are busted...you should fix them if you want opinions/input on the server case and SATA case and if you want an answer to QUESTION 1.

    For server cases and a case that can hold a lot of drives, have you checked out the Lian Li PC-V2100BPlus II? It's super nice! Lian Li also makes a 5.25 to 3.5 converter to hold extra hard drives.

    Check out the 3Ware 9650SE-16ML SGL or the something like the Areca ARC-1160ML2. You didn't specify whether the card is to be PCIe or PCI-X, so there's one of each. I hope you don't mind spending some money because a RAID controller with RAID6 support and 16 drive connections is not cheap!

    Also, for what you are doing, why WHS? Have you checked out Ubuntu, Openfiler, or FreeNAS? All of them will serve your purpose with a lot less hardware requirements than WHS and (most likely) half the issues.

    I'm a big supporter of FreeNAS and have been running it for about two years without any issues. FreeNAS is very stable, robust, plenty of services, minimal hardware requirements, and easy to use; FreeNAS just works. The best part of FreeNAS is that it's...FREE!!!!
  3. b_weeks,

    Check out my post http://thegreenbutton.com/forums/t/77556.aspx

    As a short description, WHS WONT support your RAID array if it's over 2TB's.
    There is an unofficial workaround.
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