WinXP install keeps failing.

Hello Toms

My nieghbour has been having problems with his computer so I gave him a brand new unused copy of XP to use. He wasn't sure what to do so I had him back-up his important files. Anyway he went and purchased a new 320gig HD and has been trying to do a clean install of XP. Keeps failing and won't complete.

I told him I would ask on here but I thought maybe it was bad HD.

I don't know his specs but he had XP on the old HD for years. Any info would be great.

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    Put his hard drive in your PC as a slave, go to disk management, and format his hard drive from there.
  2. Will try that tomorrow. I thought it might be a format problem.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. He tried to install an illegal copy of Win7 and the comp died on him. Took everything apart and basically rebuilt the comp to see if it would go but no luck. Not sure what happened to it but he killed it somehow.
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  5. Bummer. But it's not a good idea to install pirated software.

    Thanks for the vote. :)
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