HELP choosing X48 motherboard

Hey Guys,

Need a new motherboard probably X48 for 2 HD4850 in cf. I would like to use DD2 800 memory since I already 4 gigs from my existing build. My budget is under $300 if possible and with good overclocking. DO I Need to reformat my harddrives since I'm still using the same LGA775 chip set? My other requirement would have to have a 3rd PCIE connections for 3 cards. ( I Know I will need a new power supply but this is for later on). Any help would be appricated..

975XBX board
Zalaman cnp9500
4 gigs DDR2 800
2 74 gig raptors in raid HD4850 in C/F
Corsairs hx620 power supply
audigy 2zs
dvd buner
cd burner
floppy drive
250 gig external drive
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  1. When asking questions like this you really should state your geographic location, that can affect the recommendation of source.
    WRT the need to reformat and reinstall, no, you can run sysprep immediately prior to doing the changeover, shut down, swap boards, and reinstall your new mobo drivers. sysprep removes the mobo/chipset specific drivers turning your install into a generic one where you will have to install the chipset drivers for the new board. Google for further information.
    Note: sysprep works for W2k and XP.
    These all fit most of your criteria except for 3X PCI-E, for that you have to raise your budget a bit, but frankly, I don't see a need for 3X PCI-E X16 slots if that is what you are looking for, triple XFire yields little if any benefit over the convential 2 card configuration. In some cases, it is even slower.
    If you are planning however to use the 3rd slot in X4 mode for a RAID controller, then that is another story.
  3. Hey thanks for the quick response. I live here in the US (CA) and us pc for games like counter strike, Crysis, COD4, Supreme commander, and WIC also SC2 whenever that comes out. Plus I do some video editing and work stuff. Between ASUS and GIGABTE which one is the best? I will be overclocking.
  4. Hey Guys sorry but found a couple that fit my budget which is the best? How's DFI? They have one that has 3 PCIE slots. I don't about audio that comes with either one.

    thanks again
  5. I would go with the rampage, there has been a lot of positive results.
  6. I've been using a Rampage for the past few months and am very happy with it. DFI boards are good, but you really have to know what you're doing to get them set up correctly. Foxcon is supposed to have a X48 board that's fairly good as well. But like I say, I'm very happy with my Rampage.
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