Q9450 or the outdated Q6600?

I am trying to build a 1000 system and am currently trying to decide which of the two quad cores to get?
Q6600 vs Q9450
Is the Q9450 worth the 100 premium??
And also will i be able to use a p5k board with a q9450?
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  1. The Q9450 in my opinion is worth it with the added cache, plus i overclocked it to 3.6ghz. Lower temps. The Q6600 is still the best bang for the buck. I think you might need a bios update for the P5K. Why don't you get the P5Q, its almost at the same price point.
  2. What kind of memory do you have on that system?? I was thinking if i get a 9450 then i would O.C to 3.2, But what kind of memory will I need? I am currently going for some gigabyte ddr2 800.
  3. ddr2 800 is perfect for a 3.2 on q9450
  4. Q9450 with no doubt is a better CPU, but not exactly leaps ahead of a Q6600. The extra money is just not worth it from a performance/price point of view, but if you can afford it then yes it's better.
  5. Why don't you compare the Q6700 to the Q9450? :whistle: They are the same clock speed. :p
  6. outdated q6600 ftw.
  7. If you plan to go over 3.2ghz overclocking, you need higher than ddr2-800, to maintain the 1 to 1 ratio.
  8. What about the Q9300 thats not really that much more is it?
  9. I'm with Joe
    outdated q6600 ftw

    I have to add, if you play any games, the extra money going to a better gfx card makes it a no brainer.
  10. thats a silly question. look online at benchmarks and decide if its worth a few more dollars for the 9450 :).

    google is an amazing tool :)

    from what i have read of would go wit the 9450
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