awesome deal on a GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3P Intel P35 Rev 2.1

I hope it was a good deal. was a heck of alot cheaper than pricewatch. and couldn't find any on newegg.

$84.95 brand new. ^^ heh please someone dont all the sudden post some link of one for like 75-80 dollars or i will cry.

was on ebay as buy it now.

Good Deal? hope so if not well to late for me anyhow. lol
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  1. Well how much did you pay for shipping?(thats where they like to bend you over on ebay) its 89.99 on Newegg + $8.97 shipping.

    So if you paid more than 98.96 you paid too much, if shipping was reasonable and you paid less, so you saved a couple bucks, but if it has problems good luck getting a replacement.

    Newegg's customer service is always worth an extra $10-20

    oh and i found it no problem
  2. thats the wrong board chief I bought a Ds3p not ds3l

    this was the only ds3p at newegg and it was an open box.

    total price of my ebay ds3p came to 99 dollars.

    which i did just stumble over on at ewizz just now. weird cause earlier on pricewatch it didnt list. ohwell :P

    still a few dollars cheaper lol.
  3. lol, i got ds3l on the brain my bad.....its 104 on newegg but open box....and 142(New) @ zipzoomfly so you definately got a good deal .

    just pray they have others in case of DOA or some other major issue.
  4. yea. true. and i was looking as a ds3l for the Longest. i actually had it in my checkout at newegg. and just happend to come across this. and then seen it as a Buy now.
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