ST9500420ASG or WD5000BEVT or WD3200BJKT for netbook

I would like to upgrade my 10.1in netbook's harddrive but can't decide on which one. Both the seagate and wd black has the free fall sensor and 7200rpm but might use more power. The wd black has the 5 yr warranty but the storage space max out at 320gb instead of 500gb.

The acer aod150 has only 3 cell battery so battery life is important since currently it lasts <2hrs.
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  1. I'd suggest you go for the 500GB WD. A 5 year warranty sounds too long for me, and it doesn't cover data loss anyway (you should backup regularly in any case).

    Before you go out buying a drive though, first make sure it fits into your netbook!
  2. May I ask why would you suggest the 500GB WD over the Seagate with the fall sensor? Why might the drive not fit in the netbook?
  3. I thought netbooks use 1.8" drives or at least my Eee does and im guessing that the drives specified above are not 1.8"
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