Is this a pci express 16x slot?

i dont know how to upload the pic but it's longer than the pci slots, it's black, and it has a lever on the end of it, if you tell me how to upload the pic i will.
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  1. What motherboard or kind of PC is it in?
  2. compaq presario sr1710nx
    asus amberine M
  3. Looks like it... Try it. Buy a card, see if it fits. If it doesn't then it's not aa x16 slot. Most consumer PCs have 1.

    I googled photos and i'm 90% sure that it is a PCI E x 16 slot.
  4. Based on this info it would be, but no idea on number of lanes.
  5. According to HP/Compaqs own site it is in fact a x16 PCI-E lane so in theory you should be able to put any PCI-e or PCI-e 2.0 graphics card into the slot.

    reason for the in theory is a bad experience with my neighbours Compaq that didn't accept components that wasn't approved from Compaq, however that was more than five years ago, so they might have changed the policy, either way you will most likely be able to return your graphics card to the vendor if it doesn't work so no risk in trying
  6. Since HP bought Compaq, Compaq's are no longer proprietary.
  7. Your good, just remember normally the system comes with a 250-350 watt psu. so check the specs before getting a new video card. 7600gt(low power with decent performance for most games, but no DX 10) or maybe even a 9600GT(good power/performance ratio) should be a good match for the system

    Expansion slots (available)
    Slot type Quantity
    PCI Three (Two available)
    PCI Express x16 One (One available)
    DIMM Slots Four (Three available)
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