is Zebronics 500 watts psu good

hello guys,
my pc configuration is,
processor - q6600 (oc'd to 2.7)
mobo - GA-73VM-S2
GFX card - 8800gt alphadog edition(coreclock-700mhz)
RAM - 2gb transcend (667 mhz)

the rest of the stuff like keyboard, mouse blablabla....

i m planning to buy zebronics platinum 500 watts psu.

is this enough to run the PC.????
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  1. 500W is sufficient. Never heard of Zebronics. You could check the Underwriters Laboratories number and look up who makes the power supply.

    Otherwise stay on the safe side with these:

    Top Tier PSU:

    Silent PSUs

    AMD Certified PSUs (Single+Crossfire):

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies
  2. 500 watts may be sufficient but zebronics is considered to make, tier 5 PSU's, meaning they ARE NOT RECCOMMENDED, PERIOD!!!

    But hey if you like living on the wild side, by all means, try it out. :whistle:
  3. hi did u buy zebronics power supply? if yes, is it good?
  4. FrozenGpu said:
    But hey if you like living on the wild side, by all means, try it out. :whistle:

    Quite true!

    @OP: Its one of the worst PSU's available in the market in India today. Its total crap. So no from me too.

    BTW, what is that poll for?
  5. 3 year old thread :pfff:
  6. Woah... didn't notice that ! :)
  7. Yeah, Zebronics is a real bad brand, just buy it if you have a crappy build and wish to fry all the components :D

    EDIT: OMG that's a 6-year-old thread!!
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