Asus P5N-T and 45nm Quad Overclocking - Help!

Has anyone had any luck with P5N-T Deluxe 45nm Quad overclocking?.. (With the reputation of Nvidia's chipsets I sense that I'm asking a silly question here, without many fruitful answers - but anyway!)

I have;
P5N-T Deluxe
Q9550 & True
4x 1Gb Dominator 1066
8800GTs in Sli - (This is why I'm still persevering with the board!)

I was running the CPU at 3.4Ghz (400Mhz FSB) and RAM at 1066, perfectly stable with 1.29v vcore and 1.48v n/b.
I tried last night to get it up to 3.6Ghz (425 FSB) and gould not get into Windows whatever voltages I used. It would run 3.5Ghz with 1.3v vcore fine and I got up to 3.58Ghz and got into Windows and was able to run 3dmark. Shut down and tried several times to get the last little bit to 3.6 but corrupted my wxmlcore.sys with all the failed boots so I need to run some HDD tools or repair windows tonight before I start again.
Has anyone managed to get 1700mhz+ QFSB (425+ FSB) with a Q9x50 on this board? If so how did you do it!?
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  1. I had the same setup using a Q6600 65nm processor. It really sucked until the northbridge got to 1.7 volts (I know I know) then things actually came right.
  2. Jeees! 1.7 is pretty high. I've never put more than 1.55v through a n/b - that was my previous board I had a 40mm fan on it. I can't really get another fan on this board though. How did you cool the N/b? I'm wondering whether it's really worth the headache for another 200Mhz!?
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