this bothers me alot

ok so i got 8800gt in sli on my computer and i get a 3dmark 06 score of 11400 but this guy with only a single video card here got only 11200 with slight overclock. what should i check to make sure my sli is running right. its activated in ntune.

as for my specs
e8400 at 3.0ghz
4 gb of ddr2 800mhz 4-4-4-12 ram
xfx 780i motherboard
2 xfx 8800gt cards in sli i think (overclocked at 719/1740/950)
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  1. What are the rest of your system specs?...Most importantly what cpu u got?

    11400 for 8800gt sli is certainly low for two cards, but high for one card...i get about 10700 with my single gt. Its most likely your cpu holding you back.
  2. maybe that guy had a quad core processor, this could explain the situation. my phenom 9500@2.4ghz and hd3870 beats your score.
  3. ok i updated with my system specs. so how would i go about to make sure the cards are in sli ? the guy in the other thread was running a Athlon64 X2 6400+ Zalman 9500. also for my cpu score on 3dmark 06 i got like 2122. and whenever i run a 3dmark06 test my score is always diffrent by up to 100 up or down overall
  4. well that is really low... I don't actually know how to fix sli, but that is really low

    I get 12100 in 3dmark 06 with

    core 2 duo e6420
    8800 GTS 640
    2 GB of 1200 Mhz 5 5 4 11 ram
    680i motherboard

    so since your system is better in every aspect, except ram which doesn't really matter, you should have a much higher score... maybe in the 16000 - 18000 range if you get it all working properly... so I have no idea

    sorry that I don't know anything about sli
  5. ok so i made sure my sli bridge was pushed down all the way and everything then i noticed 2 little plugs right to to where the sli plugs into on bolth video cards would those have to do with anything i dont even know what they are

    but the newest 3dmark 06 test was
    SM2.0 :5033
    SM3.0 :6557
    CPU :2139
    for a grand total of 11532
  6. IMO, you shouldn't even let your benchmark score bother you. The bottom line is, your rigs FPS would rape the **** outta most peoples in any game you play which is what really counts.

  7. jeff1304 said:
    but the newest 3dmark 06 test was
    SM2.0 :5033
    SM3.0 :6557
    CPU :2139
    for a grand total of 11532

    Your cpu score is about average, for an E6600. With an E8400 you should be seeing 2600-2700.
  8. Your SM3.0 score is only a couple hundred above mine, and I'm running a single 8800GTS 512. Your SM2.0 is actually quite a bit below mine also. Weird, idk
  9. should i send it back to newegg for another one ? video cards and processor ? as for benchmarks i using them to show me if the computer is running right but by looking at the benchmarks its not i cant even run crysis on very high for everything i have to keep some of it turned down and even then its kinda slow. also when im watching my sidebar cpu monitor it shows as one at 100% and the other running. i also just booted up crysis and as i was falling from the plane at the start the game locked up and died. or could it just bes the motherboard or how can i even tell whats at fault ?
  10. another update after watching the startup its list my processor but says its clocked at 2.33ghz and when i look at my nvidia monitor it shows 2ghz core clock rate. this is confusing to me since it should be running 3ghz
  11. nvm

    the reason its saying 2.0ghz is prolly cause of speed step slowing down your processor when its not active to save power
  12. but what about when its starting up it says the multiplier is 7x 333mhz bu that only adds up to 2.3ghz and alos speed step is currently disabled in my bios
  13. does anyone have any ideas about my video card situation or cpu ?
  14. Enable Speedstep, then try another 3D run.
  15. Firstly, 3dmark06 won't scale well with SLI at default settings. It's about the worst benchie you could stress yourself over worrying about. A single 8800GT system, with higher clocked GPU and CPU can beat sli 8800GT in default 3dmark06, but won't touch it throughout crysis at high details with fsaa.

    That said, you should be around 13-14K anyway, with those clocks paired with a stock 3.0GHz e8400. It would seem, either SLI is not enabled, or two, your fsb isn't set right and your e8400 isn't running 3.0GHz.

    Download CPU-Z and see what it reports. You could also turn off speedstep while sorting this out.
  16. ok well currently im at college but when i get home il run that cpu-z. as for sli is there something i can run to make sure its running sli ? i reinstalled vista last night just to make sure its not vistas problem. but when i try to run the stock ntune that came on my cd i get a bsod and it restarts :S but when i get home i will post what cpu z found.
  17. so now that i go him here is what i got for cpu-z


    i think this actually looks fine to me maybe its because i turned on speed step.also is there some kind of test to make sure the cards are running sli ?
  18. You can confirm if your cards are running SLI by going into nvidia control panel and selecting "Set SLI Configuration"

    edit: also device manager should show 2 video cards, make sure your SLI bridge is connected as you cannot run SLI without it.

    And yes, that CPU-Z looks normal, 333 bus and 2.0/3.0ghz
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