Upgrading Pentium D930

I have never upgraded a processor, but I am interested in doing so with the Pentium D930 in my Sony vgc-rc210g . If this is possible, what is involved, which processors would I be looking at, and what kind of performance increase would I get?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Best_reviews, I have no idea where you got your information but you should double check your sources.

    Anyways, chances are you can toss an E6x00 series in to your computer. Unless your doing some intense processing work you won't notice a giant difference. If your mobo supports it I'd get a Q6600.
  2. just diregard whatever the moron above me wrote (best reviewss)

    i think that you would be better off upgrading both the cpu and the mobo. as far as which processor? what will you use it for? gaming? multi tasking?
  3. Don't lisen to Best_reviews, he's full of **** and so is anyone else that breaks the product name down and adds it up!
    But anyway, I doubt you'll be able to upgrade your processor because your motherboard probably won't support it.
  4. you have to check to see if the cpu is supported on the sony mobo.
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  6. I'm mainly interested in it for multitasking (and multimedia editing) but I also want a benefit in newer games. I want a CPU to compliment the 8800 GS I just ordered.

    How would i know which CPUs are supported?
  7. How do I find this out about my mobo? All I can find on the list of specs that the PC came with is 800MHz FSB speed and Intel 945P chipset.
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  9. Any recommendations? Also just so I have an idea, will it be much more difficult to remove the current CPU/heatsink and install the new one than something like adding RAM?
  10. JET320 said:
    How do I find this out about my mobo? All I can find on the list of specs that the PC came with is 800MHz FSB speed and Intel 945P chipset.

    download cpu-z. it will show you the model of your mobo
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  12. Maybe if y'all could stop your bickering I could get some advice on what to buy....
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  14. JET320 said:
    Maybe if y'all could stop your bickering I could get some advice on what to buy....

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  15. Last try: any recommendations for a reasonably priced (~$100 or less) Core2Duo, i945P compatible CPU????
  16. If you have a 945 chipset then there isn't too much you can do. Again, you may be able to run something from the E6x00 series MAYBE even a Q6600. But your options are pretty limited.
  17. The core 2 duos are pinless as the pins are in the mobo. Your P4 setup is probably opposite. All the P4s I have have the pins on the CPU.

    You can get a e21xx series cpu and a mobo for right around 100$ but you might want to get some ddr2 800 ram for $20/1g.
  18. Jet320 - even though the Core2Duo CPUs use the same socket 775 as your Pentium D, Intel changed the electrical specifications when they introduced the Core2Duo, so chances are 99% that your MB can NOT be upgraded to a Core2Duo. Your only option would be a faster Pentium D, but you've already got a 3GHz Pentium D, so performance improvement probably would not even be noticeable.
    Another thing to watch out for is that store-bought PCs like yours often come with the cheapest power supply barely sufficient for the purchased configuration. An 8800GS graphics card (which is very nice, by the way) will require a fair amount of additional +12V power from the PS. It's more likely than not that your current power supply would not be sufficient to power an 8800GS, so you'd also have to upgrade the PS. This Antec is of decent quality and has enough power for almost any future system you might imagine: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371002
    This PS is a real bargain (after rebate), but only has 2 of the 4-pin peripheral connectors (i.e. the connectors used to power your hard drive, optical drive, and perhaps some other items) -- if you need more than 2, you'll have to spend another $5-10 on a splitter cable to get more such connectors. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341012
  19. rr - no, his Pentium D CPU is also a "pinless" socket 775 design.
  20. A 400W Power supply wont be enough? At this point it almost would make sense to buy a new pc. too bad I cant afford one.
  21. Total wattage doesn't really matter any more. What matters is the total supply of +12V amperage. The two biggest users of +12V on modern MBs are the CPU and graphics card, then hard and optical drives and misc other stuff. Your PS should have a sticker on the side that shows the max amps for each voltage (see for example the photos of the power supplies on newegg). If you can post a photo of yours, we should be able to figure out if you'll need an upgrade or not.
  22. Heres what it has for 12V:

    +12V1 /10A
    +12V2 /17A
    -12V /0.5A

    Total combined power on +12V1, +12V2, and -12V can't exceed +300W.
  23. Okay so I cancelled the order for the EVGA 8800 GS card. What should I buy to replace it?
  24. OK, on your PS, +12V1 is the part that powers the graphics card, hard drives, and other non-CPU stuff. The +12V2 powers the CPU. 10A +12V1 is not very much, so I would think you'd have to upgrade the PS if you want to upgrade the graphics card.
    The best bet is probably to wait until you can get a whole new PC.
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