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Caviar Blue vs Green vs Black

A coworker asked me, and other than the cache size and power consumption, i wasn't sure what else to answer... What IS the difference between the colors of Caviar drives? I've been under the impression it is primarily the power consumption but I have to assume there are other things as well.
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    Performance. The Black is optimized for performance at the expense of noise and power consumption, the blue is a general use drive, designed to be a good balance of performance, power consumption, and noise, and the green is designed to use as little power and make as little noise as possible at the expense of performance.
  2. well put. that's about what i figured, thanks for confirming it.
  3. Well, how much of performance drop are we talking about on green drive or blue? And how much more noise makes black drive? So for games black is best? For storage only; green drive?

  4. Honestly, the difference isn't huge. I'd tend towards the black for just about any use, but I'm impatient. As far as noise goes, the black is audible, but nothing outrageous (while the green is basically silent).
  5. you guys know this is a 3 month old thread, right?
  6. Yep - I remember when it originally came up. My second response was to mcgregorslo's question.
  7. i guess i was more curious why mcgreg was pulling this out of the archives =)
  8. To be honest they are all very similar anyway!
  9. so that people like us can quickly find the answer
  10. You guy's comments all helped me with the decesion of which (WD) cavalier color to get for my needs! Thank You all for taking time to make these comments. It helps us old B's'trds who have started late in life to become geeks. Sr Sheppard
  11. Oops, I bumped this because it's similar to my black vs. green vs. Samsung for gaming question (still looking for info) and didn't notice it's the same forum.
  12. My question, is that HOW are they different? Magical code? Different processors?
    The green is 'green' due to the intelliseek feature, which slows down the RPMs when it's not in use.
    Then what does the black offer over the blue? Or is it a larger price for an upgrade from a 3 to 5 year warranty?
  13. Just replaced all the innards in my pc including a WD 1TB, 7200rpm, Black. It is noisy, makes audible clicking noises as it works. I've never had a HDD that made the sounds that this one does. Nevertheless, it seems to be working fine. When I first fired it up I wondered if mounting it upside down makes any difference? Seems to be working well so far.

    NOTE: Just did a search on Google about this and came up with all sorts of info.... so please ignore
  14. to all those 'why is this old thread still here?' i say thanks that it was. Especially since this answered my question PERFECTLY. who says the "old" has no place...
  15. Because of WD Green's use of "Intellipark" technology (which powers down the drives after about 8 seconds of continuous non-use), Green's do NOT play well with Linux or Windows Server.
  16. azraelle said:
    Because of WD Green's use of "Intellipark" technology (which powers down the drives after about 8 seconds of continuous non-use), Green's do NOT play well with Linux or Windows Server.

    That's interesting, since I have been running a 24/7 Minecraft server on one for a long time. The only time I exoerienced errors to disk were because the server blew a RAM stick, not because the drive keeps parking every 8 seconds.
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