display suddenly choppy?

i'm not too positive as to what the problem is, but i'm assuming it's related with my graphics card/drivers.

my computer has ran smooth ever since i purchased it in december of 2007, just yesterday it began to chop up.

i'm not too certain how to describe it, it's just visible computer lag.

i have an nVIDIA Geforce 8600 GT, please help? thanks in advance
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  1. Is this in 2D or in games (3D) ?
  2. Yea, more information plz. When it happens, what you're doing, what it's doing when it happens, etc.
  3. games specifically such as counterstrike are very choppy ingame, however i'm still running the game at 100 fps constantly. it just happens, i don't know the cause is, i've tried multiple things such as disabling my NVIDIA graphics driver, uninstalling and reinstalling, updating drivers, all that. it says that all my drivers are operating perfectly, and that they're all up to date. my computer is brand new, i have 2GB's of RAM
  4. Try using verical sync, that choppiness may be what they call tearing or effects from your framerates outpacing your display rate by too much
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