New Build Critique PLEASE (X48, ddr2)

Please critique my new build (not yet entirely purchased):

PSU = 750watt OCZ (modular) evoXstream
MOBO = DFI Lan Party X48
RAM = Corsair Dominator 2 x 1 ddr2 6400 (800)
CPU = e6850 conroe 3.0
OS = XP 32bit
OPTICAL = 2x lightscribe dvd burners
AUDIO = either stock DFI bernstein card or SBlaster Xfi platinum (Sblaster potential dead due to device not start errors - could be PSU related too)
VIDEO = (CURRENTLY) ati 1900gt 256mb ddr3 Crossfired (UPGRADING) HD3870 Crossfired 512 ddr4
STORAGE = 1 x 500g Seagate 32mb Cace, 1 x 500g 16mb Seagate, 1 x 250g external ie394
INPUT = Generic PS2/USB keyboard, Logitech G5 mouse
CASE = Thermaltake ARMOR (25cm side fan, 2 x 120 mm intake, 1 x slot pci fan, 2 x 80 rear exhaust)
MONITOR = Samsung Syncmaster245 @ 1900 x 1200

New PSU will replace nearly brand new Kingwin Mach1 850watt that seems very unstable (with ASUS p5e and intel 945gcz boards tested on).
My ati 1900gt is amazing - it gets 40fps @ 1900 x1200 currently on a Pentium D 820, Intel 945gcz - so I probably will just get another one and crossfire it in lieu of buying new 2xhd3870's.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions or critiques or compliments on the new rig.
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  1. If you can, switch out the psu for something better.

    Ditch the DFI if you're new to overclocking. ASUS or Gigabyte are easier to overclock.

    Why get last gen when you can get current gen for about the same price? Look at 45nm cpus.

    What's the uses of this build?
  2. Asus just made a HORRIBLE batch of mobo's and I dont want any of that.
    Apparently ASUS latest boards are all scaled down versions of their maga Rampage $330.
    I had a P5E x38 and it didn't like any RAM - so it was returned for full refund.
    After much ASUS support and forums, its evident that they are on a downturn and not to purchase them.

    I may end up waiting for P45's, but the DFI X48 is super stable (my goal) and very expandable.
    Plus I dont want to buy LAST GENERATION (aka Pci 1.0 and PCI x4 not x16).
    I want PCI express 2.0 with TWO FULL x16 lanes for CROSSFIRE use.

    I am looking to get something that will be good for a few years.
    My last crappy mobo, the 945gcz, lasted 3 years with its single pcix16 @ 1.0 and its 2 pci slots, but I need more room and more bus speed.

    I have the CONROE already purchased (bought with the ASUS P5E a while ago) and am not worried about the WOLFDALE right now, but need a mobo that can natively support this.

    The OCZ is a Tier2 PSU and has modular cabling support.
    My Kingwin was a huge waste of money and I dont plan on doing that again - hence the HIGHEND OCZ PSU.
  3. I am looking at the same mother board as you are for my new build(going with a Q9450 instead) much for the same reasons as you are. Extremely stable operation with a great quality board. Let me know how you like it. Build seems pretty solid to me. Only thing I would do is upgrade the video cards if you plan on doing any heavy gaming. Also after market heatsink/fan? Or just staying with stock cooler? Otherwise things seem fine.
  4. You might wanna wait for P45 which is out next month. It'll be the last s775 chipset.
  5. CPU cooler is a Hyper Master X2, btw.

    The only reason I am worried about waiting for the P45, is the first boards (revision 1's) from all companies generally suck on new designs...
    The P45 wont be great until Fall, my guess...
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