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I did a search on this but I'm still a little unsure...

So I'm looking at this CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 Wolfdale with a 1066 MHz FSB and LGA 775 socket type

I want PCIe 2.0 on my motherboard... but it seems that all the motherboards I can find with PCIe 2.0 and LGA 775 are rated for 1333 MHz like this one

I don't think this will work, do I need to find a CPU with a faster FSB (or get a motherboard with 1066 MHz FSB)?
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  1. Don't let the fsb ratings confuse you. My msi boards overclocked better than some of the other brands; but the p43 probably has fewer overclocking options than p35 or p45 boards. If in doubt, simply download the motherboard manual and check the voltage and fsb settings in the bios before ordering. For memory, the board will select the best speed based on your memory ratings and overclocking settings. The 1333 rating is for the default setting only based on the highest fsb Intel currently offers; chances are it will go higher.
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