HELP pleaseee video speed slows down then returns to normal randomly

i recently built my system
680i lt motherboard
8600 gt triple x edition
q6600factory clocked(ticked with it a couple of time but then returned everything to default)
windows xp
4gb ram

umm yea i had my system for a couple months now and it's great but recently it's been acting funny with this one thing
when i play videos, at random the speed will slow down like someone slowed it down and like the music and the video are like played in slomo but after 1-2 seconds it returns to normal
i don't think it's wireless conection because it's not only online videos and i don't think it has anything to do with the audio part of the motherboard becase the video also slows down

anyone with help is appreciated thank you!!!!
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  1. I would consider reinstalling some codecs, if you use them, sometimes they become faulty from to many disk defrags, or just outdated.
  2. ok thanks i'll try that out
  3. What program are you using to play the videos and what format are the videos in?
  4. how would i reinstall codecs and it's not on a certain video player it could be youtube, nero , windows mediaplayer and on all they slow down
  5. noobyfornow11 said:
    how would i reinstall codecs and it's not on a certain video player it could be youtube, nero , windows mediaplayer and on all they slow down

    Install something like FFDShow and the latest version of DiVX.

    Also make sure your video card drivers are up to date. Since you have 4GB of RAM installed did you make the registry change to allow XP to fully utilize the RAM?
  6. Only if hes using 64 will he want to disabled file paging, if hes using a 32 bit os, hes in for some possible headaches if he tries to let the computer access all 4 gigs, i run four gigs with vista and its smooth sailing, it only uses 3.5, but oh well.
  7. Yeah Vista handles memory better than XP. In XP installing over 3GB of RAM can be a problem without the registry setting changed.
  8. I must have got lucky, im dual boot.
  9. i just installed ffdshow and i dk what to do with it and i'm seriously confused now someone please help
  10. Did it solve your problems?

    Try playing a video now.
  11. i installed it and it didn't do anything and i realized it's not just videos it's like music too and idk what to do with that ffdshow thing i just instaled and stuff do i have to set anything with it?
  12. I use combined communtiy codec pack, works great give it a whirl, i play mkv, mp3, mp4 and other i dont even recognize with no problems.
  13. wth is a combined comunity codec pack?
  14. and what do i do with ffd show? 'm so conufsed
  16. It should configure itself. I never had to play around with config settings. After you install it use WMP to play videos.
  17. noobyfornow11 said:
    wth is a combined comunity codec pack?

    A group of video codecs all rolled into one.
  18. it sitll does it guys even after instaling the community codec pack and the other thing listed someone please help it is really annoying
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