brand new pc turns itself on. please help!

I just built a new system. Here's what I have:

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 mhz
XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Motherboard
EVGA geForce 8800 GT graphics card
2 gigs ram

i don't think the rest of it would be important info. unless you need to know the size of my hdd to fix a problem. but i am running windows vista home premium 32 bit.

so here's the problem. when i first started up the system, before I installed windows or any other software, it started fine. i got the build done and went to bed before installing the OS or connecting to the internet. after I had turned off the PC and woke up the next morning, it had turned itself back on. i thought it was a fluke or i forgot to turn it off or something, shut it back off and went to work. when i returned from work, it had turned itself back on again.

i checked the BIOS and "wake on ring" is disabled. I don't have any trojans or viruses because it did this before i even installed the OS or plugged in the cord for the internet.

anybody have any idea what's going on?

i have a wireless keyboard and mouse...that couldn't be doing it, could it? i haven't bumped any buttons or anything like that.

this really has be dumbfounded and any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I honestly don't know what is going on. My only idea would be to try and double check the BIOS.
  2. Well, assuming all wiring is correct.

    Is your computer off or is it in sleep/hibernation mode? If it is one of these then you would have to turn off " allow usb devices to wake up the computer" I think there is also a option for network wakeup calls.

    If it is completely off. My understanding is only the power switch can turn it back on so maybe your switch is sticking/failing?

    or it could be some weird power fluctuations. are any of your clocks reset or anything?
  3. Make sure Wake on LAN is disabled also. To test this- unplug your network cable from your NIC and see if your machine still boots itself. If it doesn't that is your problem.
  4. make sure "restore on AC power loss" (or whatever it's called in ur bios)option in bios is set to off. if it's set to on, the system will turn on any time the AC power cycles off then on.
  5. Its either a wiring issue from the front panel wires to the mobo or a bios setting causing the system to "wake". Im pretty sure its one or the other like the others suggested.

    ...or, Uncle fester came back from the dead and is haunting your house and likes to surf the net. ;)
  6. Um do you live with anyone? Particularly brothers or sisters or room mates that like to play pranks?
  7. This is clearly a case of underpants gnomes, they come out when you're not around and steals your underpants. They also turn your pc on, just as a bonus. I read this on the intarwebs, so it has to be true.
  8. So thats where the last 3 pair of my underpants went! They have been turning my pc off. Little pranksters!
  9. coldneutron said:
    make sure "restore on AC power loss" (or whatever it's called in ur bios)option in bios is set to off. if it's set to on, the system will turn on any time the AC power cycles off then on.

    I agree that this is most likely the problem. Do you have a lot of brown outs or power flickers where you are?
  10. My machine did that for a bit... but it stopped.
    I didn't do anything to it though, as it was only starting back up in a couple of seconds of shutting down.

    If it really bothering you, turn of the computer and turn off the PSU.
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