4870 GPU clock fluctuates after Overclock

Before overclock, GPU core clock was 500 MHz idle and 750 MHz load. After my overclock, it keeps flipping back and forth between idle and load while idling on desktop according to GPU-Z.

PCI-Express Frequency set to 100 Mhz
Q9550 overclocked to 3400 MHz.

Is this a problem with my 4870?
Is there a some setting I need to change in BIOS?

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  1. try updating the drivers.
    is this causing a serious problem, or does it just concern you.
  2. I'm already using the latest Sapphire drivers for 4870 1GB from Sapphire's website.
    It works fine if I play a game but I'm concerned that it's not good for the card when doing nothing on the desktop.

    It changes between from Idle 1 sec to Load 1 sec and repeats.
  3. I figured out what was causing it.

    It only happens when EasyTune6 is being displayed.
    When I minimize or close EasyTune6, it goes back to normal 500 MHz on idle on desktop.

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