i need a supercomputer

So I'm being shipped off to college, and I'm gonna be working this summer to pay for a new computer. I'm not that great with diff kinds of hardware, too hard to choose. But I can build a computer etc. I want to keep it in the range 1000-1500, but if that doenst get me a top of the line pc then I would go more. I checked that one poll and most people said a new build is about 1250.
But this is what I need

Most emphasis on gaming and performance, like photo shop, editing software etc
Something that can run games like crysis with no problem (compared to others gaming rigs).
Also good sound card and good multimedia capabilities.

I've looked at the other threads and I couldn't find one with a few different options and I saw some with "old" components like the Q6600. I also don't want mine to be outdated tooo fast.

Thanks guys if you could list me off a configuration that you think would best fit me, I'd appreciate it.
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  1. Q6600 is not OLD, and by the look of stuff that you will be doing on your PC, it'll be far more than sufficient. Go with a SLI'd system if you want uber GPU performance, any dual core will handle the computation part just fine for you.
  2. would you suggest an 8800 sli'd? or some radeon X2
  3. The Q6600 is more cpu than 95% of society has or will have for a short time to come. You are reading too many enthusiasts postings that make you think that way but thats ok its misleading.

    For a 1000-1500 range you need to stick to something like the Q6600 or E8400. Even a little lesser cpu would likely do fine but if you can fit it in the parts list with your budget, I would.

    When exactly are you building this pc? Are you getting the components now and will be paying someone back as you work this summer?

    Or, are you working all summer so you can buy one? If this is the case you need to wait and get your list when you are ready to build because the parts you need are likely to change even in a few weeks period.

    Let us know if its now or later and we can better answer your questions about what to get...
  4. whats the max cap for your budget?...

    What are your actually comfortable spending? I have a very expensive setup and will likely serve me well for 3-4 years if I dont allow myself to upgrade prematurely.

    You need to set a budget and stay within that limit.
  5. Q6600 for the win!
    Gfx hmmm id go NV, maybe 8800gts or 9xxx series depending on budget
    Onboard sound from a good mobo would be fine.
  6. If you are going dual gpu's then I strongly recommend either getting two 3870s in crossfire or two 9600 GTs in sli depending on what motherboard you go with. I went with a 3870 (soon to be two) because the maximus extreme was the best board around at the time (arguably still today within reason). Start with picking out the best motherboard you can get right now, then make graphics card decisions afterwards. I don't think enough people take this to heart, but IMO the most important components of a computer is the motherboard, power supply, and case.
  7. P.S. You get way a ton of performance for the price for the graphics cards I mentioned. Check out the graphics card charts here at Tom's and compare with prices at newegg. The 8800 series gets only a few more fps but they seem to cost anywhere from $75 to $200 more.
  8. Another thing to consider: Monitor resolution. If your gaming at 1280x1024... the benefits of multi-GPU configurations are effectively nullified.

    The q6600 is widely regarded as the "best bang for the buck" choice (especially for its overclocking capabilities), and it only gets better as the prices drop.
  9. Motherboard: 259.99 free shipping

    CPU: 219.99 free shipping



    Memory: 119.99 free shipping

    PSU: 119.99 free shipping (10.00 rebate)

    Case: 259.99 free shipping

    CPU cooler: 36.99 free shipping

    DVD Drive: 34.99+ 7.59 shipping

    Operating System: 89.99 free shipping

    Video Card: 349.99+ 7.59 shipping

    Xtra thermal paste: 3.99+ 5.99 shipping

    Grand total 1517.07

    I chose the 9800GTX due to you being able to actually go tri-sli to match up with this motherboard and it is supposed to be more energy efficient than the 8800gtx cards.

    This is my version of your super computer that will allow you to add 1 or 2 more video cards whenever your budget allows and you need the extra power.

    Good luck and have fun... ;)
  10. I would suggest a 28" monitor or greater, keyboard and mouse too. Use onboard sound and get some speakers of your choice if you dont have already... :P

    Also, you could go with a lesser expensive motherboard and go dual video cards with the 9800GTX x2's (1 for now and another later). It will cost a little more up front but theres evidence you will get better performance with two x2s than 3 standard gtx's. This probably is true but 3 video cards in sli would be nothing to sneeze at nonetheless...
  11. check out this deal on a great soundcard with headphones bundle.


    a good soundcard does make a difference .... It takes load off the CPU, and the sound quality is better.
  12. not bad for $79.99 when it's all said and done ....
  13. Thats a good deal.

    Check out this awesome headset. I have these and they are the best I have EVER owned...

  14. I'm not a USB headset fan. Whatever works for you though. They do look to be a nice set.
  15. The force feedback is what blows you away and it makes the sound even more real. I have had sounds from the game make me turn around in the room to see if it was something behind me making the noise.

    It brings you into the game better than any other set of headphones I have ever owned. If you get a chance to try them you need to just to see what Im talking about.

    Everyone I have let use them cant believe the sound and realism.
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