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Say for 3 harddrives, what type of RAID would be the best in terms of performance + backup?

Raid 0 (2 HDDs) + 1 HDD for manual backup


RAID 5 (3HDDs)

I know RAID 0 is faster than RAID 5, but by how much? Is RAID 5 faster in writing/reading than just using 1 drive in non-RAID?
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  1. i would go for the 2HDD's in raid 0 with a manual backup (just make sure you backup the things you need frequently)

    raid-0 and raid-5 will be about the same performance in reading, but if you are using a motherboard controller for the raid's then the raid-5 will be much slower at writing (its really a software raid at that point through drivers)
  2. I heard it was more CPU intensive and depended on ur mobo controller. Would an i7 rig + DX58SO or UD4P's onboard RAID be good enough?

    Also, about how much slower is it in writing? If it's say only 20% or less slower then I wouldn't mind too much.

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