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Last night realtek notified me that audio jack was unplugged and re-plugged, how ever i didn't touch the headphone jack... i didnt think much of it until this morning when i didnt get any audio! I looked online and downloaded the latest drivers, still didnt work, i tried everything that i can do from unplugging it in and its not detecting the headphones.... i tried using the motherboard cd to install the drivers (before i installed the up to date ones) and nothing! I also reads that the audio ports could be fautly and if this is the case i should rma the motherboard? how ever i installed an aftermarket cooler im not voiding my Warranty am i?
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  1. Opening the system case for any reason usually voids the warranty - and they have ways of telling when it's been opened since it left the factory (broken seals, deformed screw-heads etc).

    You should only download the sound driver from your PC maker's website, NOT from Realtek, even though it's a Realtek sound adapter.
    Why? because pre-built PCs need custom drivers which are only available from that PC manufacturer.
  2. Did you try both the front and back headphone jacks?
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