Internet Connection Sharing Woes

Hey guys, I am having some issues with Internet Connection Sharing in XP. I want to use the wireless on my PC to broadcast the internet that is plugged into my ethernet. The problem is the server that I connect to has the IP and when I enable ICS it tries to default my IP on the ethernet to Obviously there would be an IP conflict and therefore I would not connect to the internet to share the connection to my wireless. Anyone know of a solution?

One option is to change the IP on the server but that means changing all the IP's on the other computers and all the e-mail routing etc, basically a whole lot of hassle.
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  1. Why don't you just get a wireless router and forget ICS? It's a PIA.

  2. I agree with Grumpy it's pretty cheap and you can just get a router for like $30 and forget the whole hassle and gray hair that go along with ICS
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