dual fan for gigabyte 8800gt?

Been running a single Gigabyte 8800 gt 512 card for about 6 months now, but have had a core temp of 54c @ idle, 68c in COD4. Seems kind of high to me.
I noticed another 2 pin fan plug on the card, near the SLI bridge, and wanted to plug in another fan to xhaust some heat, and control that fan the same as the Zalman fan that comes with the card. I got a fan, plugged it in, and nothing. The fan works when plugged into another port, so what is the deal? Do i need to enable something in software? If anyone could give some insight....
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  1. What says that's a fan plug?
  2. Ok to put this in perspective my 8800GTS/512 idles around 50C and peeks in COD4 at 65-66C. This is with the GTS dual slot cooler. Your GT, even with the nice Gigabyte cooler is TOTALLY within acceptible temp levels. Don't worry about it at all.

    As Jtt283 said, who says it's a fan plug. Don't even try plugging something into it. You don't want to be wrong and put a resistance on something that shouldn't have it or create a draw in current. Just leave it alone. I'm sure Gigabyte tests the crap out of their cards in all climates to make sure it will work. If you want to exhaust heat, get a good rear case fan. Leave it alone and get back to playing COD4. If you aren't lv 55 and have all 5 gold weapons and all challenges complete, you have more things to worry about than card temps.

    I play as Mike Rowe, you better watch out on those servers.
  3. Is it a HDMI audio connector?
  4. Looks just like a type d two pin fan connector. It may be HDMI audio though...didn't think about that...
  5. ^
    Like I said leave it alone it is fine at those temps
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