new system please review and advice...


I am about to build me a new system.
Most of the time I will be playing games with it.
Please review the parts. I am not an expert and I could make big mistakes…
Thanks for any help.

I will not use SLI and I will not OC the system.

CPU: Intel E8500 (from the benchmarks here at tom’s looks ok)

Motherboard: please advice.

RAM: 4GB should it be. Here are my options… (DDR2 800MHZ)
Lower CL is better?
2x1GB Kingston HyperX CL4
2x1GB Corsair XMS2 TwinX CL5
2x1GB Corsair XMS2 TwinX CL4
2x1GB Corsair DHX TwinX CL5
2x1GB Corsair DHX TwinX CL4
2x2GB OCZ Vista Upgrade Copper Mirrored XTC Heatspreader
2x2GB Corsair DHX TwinX CL5

Graphic Card: 8800GT
8800GT 512MB GDDR3 DX10 HDTV 2xDVI PCI-E (is 512MB ok for this card?)

Power supply: here are my options
TR2 Power W0101 550W Silent (24pin)
ToughPower W0103 600W PFC (24pin)
Noisetaker II EG701AX-VE 600W Dual Fan
TruePower Trio 650W Active PFC (12cm Fan) (24pin)

Hard Drive
Seagate 500GB 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA II

dvd r/w: LG from my old system

thanks for any help
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  1. I would personally go for an E8400 and Corsair Ballistix DDR2-800 memory.

    As far as a video card, you can't do much better than an 8800 GT right now. Of course, if you take my advice and go for the E8400, you can grab an 8800 GTS 512 with the money you save. Also, I would get an EVGA card rather than one made by ASUS. Better warranty, and you get the Step-Up program to boot.

    I like the looks of that Antec PSU. Of course, I prefer Corsair, but it looks like that might not be an option for you for some reason.

    Hard drive looks great. Can't do better than Seagate.

    Good luck!
  2. Oh, forgot the motherboard. Go for a Gigabyte with a P35 chipset. Their P35s range from $90 to ~$200. Personally, I would just grab the P35-DS3L for $90 (especially if you are not overclocking), but they make the same chipset with nicer features for a bit more. Just depends on how much you can/want to spend.
  3. Cpt Deadboots
    thanks for you reply.

    the price difference is not so big here... so if this is the only reason i would choose the E8500...

    that are the brands that the store have... so you would say i should pick the Antec right?

    video card
    the store also have eVGA 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 DX10 HDTV 2xDVI PCI-E

    the list are the options i have... what would you pick from there?

    gigabye p35 chipset you say... sounds good
    the P35-DS3L
    what nicer features you mean have other boards? do i need the other features?

    i will not OC
    i will use my old soundcard creative from the old system

  4. Isn't it ~$80 more than the E8400?

    Yes, go for the Antec.

    That EVGA 8800 GT looks great.

    Get the OCZ 2x2GB kit.

    No, you will not need nicer features. Go for the Gigabyte P35-DS3L.
  5. Looks like you've got a good list of choices. Have to agree with Cpt Deadboots. Video card looks good, Antec PSU is good. I'm personally a Corsair memory fan, but I've read lots of folks like their OCZ memory.

    Definitely do an intel based motherboard. Don't go for an nForce board like I did. ;) At least not with an Intel CPU.
  6. thank you for your help.
    ok so the system would look like this:

    CPU: Intel E8500
    Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3L
    RAM:2x2GB OCZ Vista Upgrade Copper Mirrored XTC Heatspreader
    video card: eVGA 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 DX10 HDTV 2xDVI PCI-E
    Power supply: Antec TruePower Trio 650W Active PFC (12cm Fan) (24pin)
    Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA II

    thanks again...

    one more question
    so what is better CL4 or CL5?
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