need a GeForce 3 non MX or TI card any suggestions?

I have an old Falcon NW system that still rus well. My Hercules GeForce 2 64 mb is about to die. Falcon said that the fastest card my mb will support is a AGP v1 GeForce 3 non Ti of MX. Any suggestions?
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  1. Is this a joke?
  2. New system man. Ti cards are so 1990's.
  3. Yeah...I keep a spare Geforce 3 in a box that I buried in another box that we will refer to as "The Time capsule". In fifty years I was planning on digging it up and laughing at it.

    I could actually dig it up now and laught at it. (For a price)

    Seriously, on a serious note...............Throw the machine away, and grab your piggy bank, break it open, then go to Best Buy. Buy the cheapest system there. It will be better then what you are trying to salvage.

    Just being honest.
  4. I think it is time to put your system out to pasture. It has had a long life but is totally outdated now.

    If you still insist on repairing that old jalapi, you will probably need to risk eBay.

    Searching, I found 2 non-Ti cards.

    Cheapest is listed for $75.

    Of course, buying second hand parts off of eBay is a always a bit risky. Never know how long the parts will stay working, if at all.

    Also, keep in mind that it could be another component failing on your system. Issues caused by your PSU, CPU, Mb, RAM or other parts could be misconstrued as an issue with your GPU. As such, I would recommend you save this $75 and put it towards an updated system. If you are on a budget, a decent gaming system can be bare boned for around $300 if you go for the right combos. Any modern system (even a low end one) will be leaps and bounds above what you have now.
  5. Thanks to all.
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