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ok so i overclocked my new amd phenom 9600 to 2.8 ghz stable after a one hour stability test then i went up to 2.9 and it crashed in the first 15 minutes, so would it be safe to say i can keep it at 2.8 since it passed the 1 hour test? or should i bring it down to 2.7 ghz to make sure? my idle temps are 32c and like 51cwhen i play crysis for an hour or so.
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  1. up your vcore just a bit to get it stable at 2.9GHz. Do you have the SB750 South Bride motherboard? Did you use the advantage of ACC? Is your Phenom the Black Edition?
  2. ya i have the black edition and a gigabyte ma77o-ud3 motherboard and the chipset is amd 770, and i should add what voltage .5? my previous overclock on it was just changing the mutiplier to 13.5 from 11.5
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