9600 GT or 8800 GT?

So I've started playing Age of Conan. My video card is holding me back as I'm having to play the game on "Low" settings to get 28-32FPS. Graphics are STILL better than WoW, lol but I'd like to get better FPS and improve the image quality. ;)

Can't really afford to do it, but I'm thinking about splurging on a video card for Father's Day ;)

Looks like performance between the 9600 GT and 8800 GT aren't a huge difference. I've always liked the idea of going SLI but lets face it, I really can't afford two video cards right now. And by the time I can, it'll be time to upgrade again anyhow.

Using www.pricegrabber.com I've found a couple options.

Lowest price on 9600 GT is a PNY board for $142.

Can also find 9600GT of varying brands from $150-$169 with rebates between $10-$30 depending on e-tailer.

I can get an 8800 GT from Tiger Direct for $179 + shipping and a $30 MIR + a free copy of Company of Heroes (whatever).


Anyone have any suggestions from experience on whether I should go 9600 GT or 8800 GT? Pros & cons?

Thanks :)
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  1. The 8800GT is the better card, and with the MIR and the free game it sounds like a pretty good deal. If you want to save some money though, the 9600 is still a good card.
  2. Get it while it is hot...

    Asus 8800GT 512 on sale for $135 after $30 rebate.

    The 8800GT will be faster than the 9600GT. It is also very overclockable if you still need more power.
  3. Woohoo! 8800GT for 135$? I'd buy it anytime!
  4. Yeah the 8800GT has about a 20% performance boost over the 9600GT, depending on the game. If you can afford the 8800Gt get that, if you can get the GTS even better.
  5. Found a decent deal over at Newegg.com Really shouldn't have ordered it, but I did. lol Shouldn't be spending the money.

    ECS 8800GTS (G92) 512MB $219.00 - $50MIR = $169.00

    From what I've read, the G92 versin of the 8800GTS is faster than the 8800GT. The OLD 320MB and 640MB GTS cards I guess were slower than the 8800GT.
  6. The GT and the old GTS 640 are roughly equal with a slight lead towards the GT. Your new GTS 512 is about the equal to the old GTX. Good call, I am sure you will not be disappointed with it.
  7. Yeah good call. Way to pull the pin on that, you made a good call. All GTS's are pretty much the same. Same board, same cooler, different sticker. Everyone that ordered the ECS from Newegg seems to be happy with theirs, per the rating. It's a Terrific price and great rebate.

    You will be very happy with it. Assuming the rest of your system is up to par.
  8. Yeah my only concern is my PSU. It's only a 480W Antec True Power.

    I use the onboard audio (as I personally can't tell the difference). Only 2 hard drives and 1 CD drive. No Floppy. 2 DDR dimms.

    So there's not a lot of 'extra' pull. However, I am running a Q6600 (stock speed currently).
  9. Which Antec 480W is it? Most of the ones in this list that are 480W have at least (2) 18A +12V rails. Which gives you 36A, Which is perfectly within spec for the 8800GTS/512. I wouldn't be concerned at all given you aren't running that many extra components.

  10. Looking at that list it looks most like this one, except mine is black in color.

    TP-II 480PGB

    All the other 480w power supplies on that list look different. I suppose at some point I can simply open my case and take a peek at the actual model #. The PSU came with my Antec case about 3 years ago. Been a champ thus far.

    Someday it'll get replaced, but not until I can afford something really solid. Most of the PSU units out there I like for future uses are a pretty penny.

    Thanks for your help by the way. :)

    EDIT: I think this is my case:

    Performance TX 1088 AMG with 480WTruePower 2.0 ATX 12V V2.0 TPII 480

  11. You should be OK with that power supply.
    Antec TP II 480 specs 2006 review
    You should compare the data plate to make sure it is, in fact, the same PSU specs.
  12. you could sli 2 8800 gs... it would give great performance... but the only limiting factor would be your resolution... if play over say... 1440 by 900 then get teh 8800 gt... but if you play at 1280 by 1024, 1440 by 900 get the sli 8800 GS... you can get 2 now for just under 200 bucks
  13. Cool I'm glad my PSU will work. :)

    thogrom, I already ordered an 8800GTS (G92). And my monitor maxes at 1440x900 which is where I always set it. It's 16:9.

    :) Thanks for all the feedback guys. Can't wait for my new card to get here. Should be a crap-ton faster than my X1950.
  14. jerreece said:

    :) Thanks for all the feedback guys. Can't wait for my new card to get here. Should be a crap-ton faster than my X1950.

    You will be happy with that upgrade. I went from an X1900XTX OCed to all crap to the 8800GTS/512 And I was VERY pleased. I can run COD4 maxed everything at 1680x1050 so you should easily have no issues. My x1900 could handle mediumish settings with vsync on.

    jerreece said:

    Someday it'll get replaced, but not until I can afford something really solid. Most of the PSU units out there I like for future uses are a pretty penny.

    Your PSU is SOLID. You will probably have no need to upgrade it unless it fails or you decide to SLI. Everything going forward is going to start using shrunk dies and have conserving power in mind. So don't expect to need a hight output power supply for your run of the mill gaming PC. I hvae a 600W PSU that I plan to keep with my PC until I sell it off and rebuild.
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