Worth upgrading my HDD?

Currently I have this hard drive

would upgrading to a Caviar Black give me a noticeable boost to my computer?

right now my computer is

CPU: i7 920
Vid: HD4850
HDD: listed above

any alternate ideas are welcome
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  1. 8mb vs 32mb cache plus extra storage space. That is the improvement you would get. Don't know if it would be noticeable for you. If your plan is to speed up loading times, go with a SSD instead for noticeable performance boost. But for storage upgrade plus some performance increase then go with the caviar black.
  2. yea but is it enough of an increase in performance to shell out the money for a new drive?
    more space would be nice but i can be creative to always have space on my 250 GB drive
  3. Not sure about your reasons but as for me, my upgrade from a lame 5400rpm hdd to the blacks really help. The blacks are the next best thing to SSDs.
  4. well right now my 250GB drive is getting full and i'm curious about an upgrade to a 500-750 drive
    like i said my 250GB drive is fine right now and i can manage the space with being creative but if it's worth it
    i'll seriously consider pulling the trigger on a black

    i probably won't go the route of a SSD because they're too expensive for what you actually get out of it right now
  5. Check out these two drives...


    To be honest....most people would suggest the 640 GB HDD, single 320 GB platter. It's darn near as fast as the Velociraptors and SOOOOO much less expensive.

    Free shipping as well.
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