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So a couple months back I upgraded from a 939 board/cpu/7600gt GPU to a Asus M2N-E MB and a MSI GeForce 8600 GTS OC.
Shortly after installing everything and getting it running the PC began freezing at random times and required a reboot (no entries in the event viewer). Thinking it was a MB or PSU problem I got a Gigabyte MA770-DS3 MB and a OCZ PSU and guess what...still freezes. I am either gonna buy
8800gt- MSI
8800gt- BFG

Anyone know what the problem might be with the freezes or which new card would you recommend? Bang/buck wise.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd pick the 8800GT, preferably one with a dual-slot cooler.

    Maybe your troubles were caused by nVidia's drivers. Did you have the latest ones?
  2. 8800 GT BFG will probably be the Bang for the Buck right now. You might be able to find some below $200. I personally have a EVGA one and it performs very well.
  3. I have tried new drivers, old drivers, omega drivers...haven't tried no drivers yet....
  4. 8800 GTS 512 evga is a dandy i'm told.

    E-vga has a step up program, so if you're not happy with the card you can mail it away for a trade in at a split difference cost as long as you keep your receipts.

    I'm using 8800 GT SLI, I had started with a single 8800 GT and I was pretty happy with it but I upgrading to dual 8800 GT so I could play crysis with eye candy :P


    Test your ram, its quite possible that is the problem. A lot of higher end boards you need to manually set your ram timings/voltages amongst other things. Make sure your bios has the same settings as what your ram manufacturer is supplying.

    Not withstanding the fact that ram is a very sensitive component and one of the more common causes for system stability. Memtest is a good program~
  5. GTS 512 all the way...spend the extra cash and get quality!
  6. Ran memtest and prime 95, both passed.
  7. What are your Temps? CPU and GPU? Does it freeze during certain activity, games,apps, or just sitting idle?

    But if you are in the market for a new card get an 8800GTS/512 or a dual slot cooled 8800GT. That is saying you are looking at a gaming card. Otherwise it would be a waste.
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