9800GTX showing 1264MB mem

I recently bought a completely new PC and installed vista ultimate x64.
I went into dxdiag and it says 1264MB memory on my 9800GTX, I have just installed assassins creed and it says 1264MB on the specification check during install.
I was just wondering if this is natural or is it an error or somethin??
heres my spec:
intel core 2 q9450
2GB DDR3 ram
EVGA 9800GTX 512mb
XFX 790i motherboard
X-Fi fatal1ty
700W coolermaster PSU
2 x 500GB SATA2 in stripe raid
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  1. page file?
  2. its a vista thing... it allocates your system ram to the graphics card if it needs it... not that it ever helps... but it doesn't hinder performance at all... if the system needs any of the ram being used by the gpu then t takes it away from the gpu
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