To raid or not to raid

In light of Newegg's AM sale on the 750GB caviar black, I'm now considering two of those in RAID rather than one 1TB caviar black. At an additional $35 for only 75% of the space, what added performance can I expect from a RAID setup compared with a single drive?
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  1. Black WDs are not recommended for RAID, they have timeout circuitry to fix errors (which is nice on a single drive), but can cause RAID to drop. You want the WD RE3 series for RAID. The 750GB at Amazon is $93, way cheaper than Newegg's $129.
  2. thanks for the heads up -- i'll likely wind up with a single 1TB black as it is, but the $65 price for the 750 seemed ok if there was significant benefit ... $93 for the RE3 series x2 is much more than i want to spend
  3. Me too, same thing! I have a post asking if the RE3 is any better as a standalone, but for $65 you can't beat that price for 750GB. I'd better hurry, they may sell out!
  4. yeah the $/GB is actually better on the 750GB but I'm debating how fast I'll fill that up and if I should just splurge on the 1 TB
  5. That's always the dilemma... btw, you actually get 698GB on a 750GB, so consider that into your storage calc.
  6. Just bought the 750GB Black... used the shopping and got 2.5% cashback in addition to the $64.99 price. 750GB will work, I just need to be more diligent about deleting junk I don't need.
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