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Hello, I'm running the Home Edition Version 2002 and ever since I downloaded Service Pack 3, I have had nothing but BIG PROBLEMS. Is SP3 compatible with this version or should I still be useing SP2. I've slowed considerably, jumping, lagging, skipping, help??? Thank you!
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  1. SP3 should be fine with with any build of XP. Check for updated drivers for your hardware and video/music players.
  2. I have yet to see a reasonable justification for SP3.

    I have seen many post right here from people who had a perfectly good running XP until they installed SP3 and then their world was turned upside down.

    There must be something good in SP3, but I haven't found it yet, so I avoid it. I hate to think that the only valid reason for SP3 will be when the likes of Adobe or Autodesk refuse to install unless SP3 is present. I don't surrender to extortion gracefully.

    Can anyone state a valid reason for SP3? What does it do to enhance the experience of XP? What is anyone missing because they stayed with SP2?
  3. I've run across many programs that want SP3 to run properly, encryption, system utilities, basically anything that was written to excpect a certain version of certain files. Which in the business world is quite a few things.

    However for general home use, most people will be fine with running Win98, never mind XP.
  4. See, it's extortion. They are saying "Either install SP3 or our shite isn't going to work."
    I have my own reply for them.....
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