Help Geforce 7600GT Not Working STRANGE PROBLEM!!

Ok so i restarted my pc, then all of a sudden. I get no display.. my monitor is black... and my computer case started making this horrible huuuge fan noise... It came from my Geforce 7600GT... as i looked closer the fan was moving at a snail speed pace... but making this huuuge noise.. and i recieve no display on the monitor... What can i do?? HELP!!! Was working perfectly earlier i was playin Counter-Strike Source...
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  1. You said that you "restarted" your pc.
    Why? did you try to overclock? Also, what brand PSU do you have?

    Have you tried anther video card? Your 7600gt's fan could have Stoped working, overheated the card, and died. Hopefully thats not the case.
  2. I restarted it cause i was installing a sound card & no i dont overclock my cards or cpus.

    Um im using TurboLinx PowerSupply or something like that 500 Watts.

    *EDIT* btw its more like a Whining noise from the graphic card fan..

    like EEEEERRRRR sounds lol fck -.-

    Also i removed the Sound card, still no work :(
  3. So you turned off the system, put in the sound card, and then turned it on, and then no screen?

    Or did you turn off the system, put in the sound card, turn it on, installed drivers, then restarted the system and THEN no screen?

    You could have zapped something while installing the sound card.

    Or like I said earlier, your video card could be dead.

    Try another video card. Even if its a crappy one it doesn't matter as long as it works.
  4. I put the sound card in, installed drivers sound didnt work. Restarted. No work, turned off pc. TInkered with it. TO see if it was seated correctly turned on again. Turn off again tried again. Then it gave me problems.. I dont have a extra Card to put into the pci-express slot :(
  5. hmmm.
    Do you have a PCI video card? Somthing you can take from another pc?

    Did you drop a screw while working? it could be shorting out somthing.

    Try Clearing the CMOS on your motherboard.

    Also does your computer POST?
  6. yeah, did you by any chance short out the pci-e slot?
  7. Seems to me the gaming god saying you need a new card. XD

    I had a similar problem with my 7600gt sli setup (I know!). I was playing BF2 and suddenly the monitor went black. I figured one of the cards were messed up. I took out the top video card and tested the bottom sli card if my computer was still working and it is. Tested the 1st vc and BAM! cheezit, it wasnt working. so i pretty much RMAed the poor thing. Didnt really bother looking what the problem is, since it was still under warranty
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