Lian-Li PC-A71 and 38mm thick fans

i just bought a Lian-Li PC-A71B, and some Scythe Ultra Kaze 120x120x38mm fans to go with it. Because the case and the fans shipped from 2 different places, i have the fans now, and i am getting the case tomorrow, i opened one of the fans up and noticed they were 38mm thick which is a detail i overlooked when i ordered them. Now i've run into a problem, i don't know if the case will support these fans. After a while of searching google i couldn't find the answer, so i came here hoping that someone know if these fans will fit or if im gunna have to order some new ones.
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  1. Just wait until case arrives and You will see. But I think most of them if not all will be fine. Don't have any first hand expierence with that case so cannot tell for sure.
  2. I hate buying fans. I bought a 120mm for my antec p150 and relalised its intake are 92mm. The grill was 120mm by 120mm though, i should have measured the screw slots instead.

    BTW: 25mm depth is standard, may or may not fit. Most likely it will fit, depending where its put.
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