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For some reason my computer started acting funny tonight. For no reason now the monitor screen gets all fuzzy and I cannot see anything at all. It only happens when windows actually finishes loading and I'm on my desktop. I can see the windows loading screen fine and the motherboard logo screen. Could this be a problem with my video card or monitor? I have a 7950GX2 video card and I updated the drivers today.
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  1. Try another monitor?
  2. Do you mean you upgraded the drivers earlier, and now you're having this problem?
    Or do you mean that this problem started and you updated the drivers after the problem started?

    If the fuzziness started after the driver update, roll back the driver to the previous one.

    If the fuzziness started before the update, use a different monitor to see if the problem persists.
  3. See if the driver is putting in the right resolution for your monitor. It may have changed into a different res for you monitor.Right Click on the desktop, go into your nVidia control panel and check it out
  4. it's the drivers... sometimes a driver install can rest the resolution to an often much lower resolution... usch as 800 by 600... so try changing that and you'll be good to go... if it's not that... then idk... but...

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