i found my case!...now i just need help finding something out about it

here it is...ultimate gaming / htpc case and it's made by lian li. that's everything i want. there are two versions. i'd prefer the smaller i'm sure as the larger is massive, but one of them must be able to hold my psu and my gpu (zalman 1000W and gtx 280 ftw).

can anyone give me any info on these?



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  1. What sort of info are you looking for?
  2. preferably the type that tells me where i can order it tonight, but i don't see it anywhere, so i'm sure i'll have to go with when i can order it and how much. i just purchased every new component for a new build with the release of the gtx 280, except for the case. i wonder if my current case could be emptied, cleaned and used as a temporary house?

    thanks for anything.
  3. Honestly, I think Lian-Li cases are over rated. They costs way too much >300 sometimes. But if you like high end cases then go for it. I would just get a good case with lots of positive reviews on Newegg that costs about 1/2 or 1/3 of those Lian-Li. Look at Antec, Cooler Master, Thermal Take.
  4. call me crazy here, but what about this as a possibility. until the lian li that i want is available for purchase, what if i went to someone else's house where i could use their computer and their internet (as i've seen all kinds of advice in reviews of cases and i might need some emergency help from you guys during the build!) and i take all of the parts out of the old antec full tower i'm using, clean up all the dust etc. (suggestions on how to safely do that?) and i put the new build in there until the lian li case comes out. when it does, if i still really want the case, i buy it and transfer all of the parts over to it (shouldn't be that bad, easier than original assembly and no software issues right?)
  5. Hmmmmmmmmm...... 26.7 inches tall?
    Wow - from a HTPC case to a super size full tower server case. Didn't see that coming.
    I see you finally found a case that will fit the Zalman 1000W PSU and any 3 or more 16 1/2 inch long video cards you happen to find.
  6. lian li e-mailed me and said end of july for these guys.
  7. Can I ask the OP why he is buying a GTX280? Hey you can buy a 9800 GX2, get better performance, and send ME the extra money left over. Deal?
  8. sure, i'm building a new system from scratch. haven't built in five years. i'm running a hand me down 5600 (i think) card from a friend at lan parties and i've been the butt of jokes and the cause of all problems for a few years now. could have built in april, but wanted to wait for the latest greatest card. when i could get my hands on the gtx 280 ftw, i built the new system.

    some people don't think the card is worth it, but i just got a gateway xhd3000 to go with it (to upgrade from my ten year old 17" crt) and i didn't want the previous card, i wanted the new one. i budgeted out a new system and had 6 to 7 hundred in the budget for the new card. if you don't have the money for the new card and want to get the older 9800x2, i don't have any problem with that, but i wanted the newest, latest, greatest and it was within my budget. in a few years, i'll add another gtx 280 and run them in sli instead of quad 9800.
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