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I have short listed the following cards, ATI Radeon X550, nvida GeForce 7300LE, ATI Radeon HD 3450 and NVIDIA GeForce 6200. My requirments are low profile gaming, video streaming and web surfing. Which do you suggest to be the strong one and why?
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  1. the 7300le can do games but not decent video.the hd3450 thumps excellent video but so so vote goes to the hd3450.just dont expect miracles with the hd3450(execept on the video part)
  2. Wow, I'd pick the Radeon 3450.
  3. Obviously the cards you mention are close to each other. So when I can't tell what is better, especially when comparing older nvidia and ati cards, I use the following chart to help me decide:,1923-7.html
    Good Luck
  4. between the hd3450 and the 7300le, which is better for gaming..??
  5. I'd say the hd3450. However, if you really want to game i'd get something better. Neither of those cards are designed for gaming. The bare minimum to be looking at if you want to game (in my opinion) is an HD3850.
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