xfx 8800gt Alpha Dog Edition not booting

Hey Guys and Girls.

Im having a slight problem with my new xfx 8800gt ad-ed.

My Set up.

MOBO: ABIT ax8-3rd eye
CPU: AMD Socket 939 3500+
RAM: Corsair XL 2 x 512mb ddr1
OLD V-Card: NVIDIA 7800gt 256mb
New V-Card: XFX 8800gt 512mb 600mhz Alpha Dog Edition.
PSU: Antec Truepower 480w 2.0

Now, Everything works fine with old set up, has been for 1 1/2 years.
I put in the 8800gt and turn on my comp, *fans start, then beeeeep beep beep. And just stays like that, my comp doesn't turn off, it doesn't even go to bios or post screen for abit mobo's.

It says on box the power requirments for this card are 500w, so im 20w off. Though i dont think that should matter too much as i have disconnected everything else, i.e hard drive, dvd drive, fans, and it still makes the same beeping sound. When i put my old card back in everything is hunky dory. I make sure the card has its own direct 6pin cable from the power supply, and that the card is actually in properly.

I have tried un-installing old drivers and devices for old card. I have updated the latest bios for my mobo from the abit.com.tw website(last update late 2005 -.-).

Still nothing. The card of course could be doa, i have not tried it into a different comp (dont hit me). I was just wondering if anybody has the same mobo and has or had the same problem. Ive read around and it might be the chipset not supporting or something. Anyhow, any tips, advice or a solution short of upgrading mobo .. resulting in new ram and cpu... Would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,
Tom. (no really)
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  1. Well, if you can't try it in another computer, I think you have yourself a DOA card or PSU compatibility issues. Wattage is only one part of the story though. You need good amperage as well. Make sure you have the minimum recommended amps, I'd say 20A will be enough to boot.
  2. I think its 26A for these cards but I stand open for correction.
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