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I have Norton 360 and recently allowed them to take over my computer to fix a problem.I since can not empty recyle bid because it is "grayed" out.I also can not do disc clean it stops half way thru.A box kept appearing saying something about ulity mager had been changed.I know I saw them go to cmd and change exc,...Why I'm not sure and they also installed explorer 8 which my son un-installed.What a mess I had.Said I was low on memory yet they added more "junk" How can I fix recyle bin??any suggestions???
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  1. Are you sure there's something in the trash? It will be grayed out if it's empty.
  2. Try running Disk Cleanup. In Windows XP goto Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup

    Select ALL the options in the list, and then hit cleanup. It may take for ever if its the first time, but let it be, come back when its done and restart the machine, and see if that boosted porformance, and cleared out the RB.
  3. I would suggest using ccleaner to do a system cleanup. It's got a lot more features than the stock disk cleanup.
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