cd drive severly malfunctioning

Got a really problamatic cd drive. Sometimes am able to eject my cd drive (In these intances there is a big humming sound of something like a motor) and sometimes am not able to eject the drive(in these cases the yellow light itself does not glow-totally dead). But the problem is not just this-much bigger. In those cases am able to put any cd/dvd, the cd drive does not recognize it. When I right click cd drive and click open it asks me "Please enter CD". This was the problem until sometime back. Now its gone totally dead. The cd drive itself fails to open or eject and the yellow light never glows. To my surprise when I checked the device manager and clicked the cd drive option, it says "CD drive working properly; In case of any problem click troubleshoot"--And of course windows troubleshooter did not solve my problem. This is the present status of my cd drive and it has remained so problamatic for the past four to five months. An year back it was working flawlessly..Please help me out from this puzzling issue...
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  1. Check inside to make sure it's plugged in. Then after you restart check in the bios and see if it recognizes it.
    If that helps, check to see if there are any driver updates for the CD-ROM.

    If that doesn't help I'd recommend plugging in a different CD drive to see if that one works properly. If that works I'd then toss the malfunctioning drive since they are so cheap and not worth repairing.
  2. DVD-RWs are pretty cheap.
    Get a Samsung SH-203B or N.
  3. Just buy one, they are cheaply designed commodity items now and you can't fix em
  4. Ok guys..Thanks for the prompt reply...I think I'll buy a new drive then...
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