Help me Overclock an intel core 2 duo E6300 1.86GHz

i have 4Gb RAM
750W PSU
ECS P965T-A mobo
please help, everywhere i go i get different scenarios and none relate to my mobo

overclocking on this is difficult from my perspective

(i've never overclocked before)
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  1. bump
  2. PNY 2GB DDR2 800MHz
  3. thx :D
    ill have to do this on the 24th ive got things to do today, but ill do it as soon as i can and load the info
    you're really helpful thx
  4. okay, i just recovered my system from a serious FAIL from a previous attempt to overclock
    i have discovered that my motherboard completely refuses to do anything related to overclocking and tuning...

    there is an option that seems to cause the problem

    SPU host/SRC/bus and i think "CPU host" is the FSB because i can change it to 266 and 333 but 333 is the highest it will go

    ANYWAYS whenever i change that option and i save to the CMOS the screen just goes black and the comp stays on
    then i turn it off and reset the CMOC jumper....


    i WILL be getting a new motherboard within the next 2 weeks and i WILL be sure to message you when that occurs.
    hopefully the new one will be a little more OC friendly lol

    but thx again for the help and like i said, ill send you a message you when i get the new mobo.

    do you know of a good mobo with PCI-E 2.0 socket 775 and DDR2? ATX too lol ill go shopping around, but let me know if there is some amazing "overclock welcoming" board out there that i dont know about

    oh and another thing. my board doesnt even speak about C.I.A.2. SPD sure but no option to change it to 2
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