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I'm looking at building a new machine for use almost exclusively as a gaming platform. I play a lot of RTS and some FPS so I don't want to skimp on processing power or video capability. Also, I'd like to have a machine that won't choke if I boot up Fraps while playing. I've read some amazing things about quad-core in gaming environments, even when the game itself can't utilize both cores. Is this a direction I should go in?

I have a 24" monitor at 1900x1200 and this coupled with video screen capture seems to put considerable strain on any video card I've owned in the last year. Is this avoidable at all?

I've already got the hard drives and DVD-RW I intend to use, so there's no need to factor them into the price. Can you guys direct me at what to purchase?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. If you're keeping the new build for years, yes, quads are the way to go. Us dualie owners are upgrading when the time comes. We use parts barely enough for today's tasks cuz we upgrade constantly, unlike the average user.

    What's your budget? Will the pc be overclocked?
  2. Hi there,

    This is what I would call a fairly standard gaming system for now:

    P35 based Mobo
    E8400-Q9300 CPU
    2-4GB DDR2-800 RAM
    8800GTS 512MB VGA
    500GB-ish HD

    Depending on your budget of course.
  3. get a gx2 for 24"
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