2x eVGA 7800 GTX 256MG vs. 1x eVGA 8800 GT 512MB

I just recently started playing Age of Conan and would like to potentially upgrade my graphics card(s). I've had quite a bit of problems with my SLI setup and am actually running right now on a single eVGA 7800 GTX 256MB card, but have the other that I can easily put back in. My question is whether or not with the SLI setup, would a 8800 GT 512MB beat out this SLI setup?
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  1. Definitely 1 8800GT 512
  2. Absolutely no doubt... the 8800 GT will win... and not by a slim margin.
  3. 8800GT, no contest. I would get this one if you can. It has the best stock cooler of the 8800GT's that I have seen.



  4. As everyone said, definitely the 8800 GT. I even checked the GPU charts for comparisons, and this is how much better in terms of FPS the 8800 GT is than the 7800 GTX SLI setup.

    BF2142 - 1920x1200: 45%
    Oblivion - 1920x1200: 44%
    Prey - 1600x1200: 35%
  5. SLI'd 8800GT's, oh yeah [:mousemonkey]
  6. lol loving yours mousemokey ? :D
  7. Maziar said:
    lol loving yours mousemokey ? :D

    Absolutely, maximum eye candy and silky smooth gameplay at all times :wahoo: . Life is good right now. :sol:
  8. Glad to hear it :)
  9. Thanks :)
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