Best benchmark to compare HDD for gaming

I searched, and its just a mess of results, not relevant specifically to the HDD. But if I'm looking at the charts comparing HDDs for gaming, which specs should I be focused on to get the best performance?
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  1. Anything that ends in "per second", and "throughput".
  2. Read/write performance and access time.
    Check here:

    Performance Charts Hard Drives,3.html
  3. Thanks for the responses.

    As 90% of the benchmarks end with /second, that doesn't help a lot.

    For throughput, should I look for max, min, or avg? Again, this is to judge the best HDD for gaming. Is it dfferent for rendering/editing machines?

    So the IOMeter benchmarks don't have any use for what I'm looking for?

    And is the PCVantage Gaming benchmark worth using?
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