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AGP Analysis 2008 Part 1: 3850 AGP Plus Single-Core CPU

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 29, 2008 6:02:00 PM,19...

Well, this latest AGP analysis came 2 days AFTER i got my new HD3850 AGP. I didnt think such a review would ever come, so i bit the bullet and bought it myself. If only I waited a little longer...

I can confirm that I have a massive CPU bottleneck with any modern game. Any new game is just as unplayable as it was with my 6600gt, because my CPU is too slow (P4 3.0ghz). I suspected this will be the case, but with my 6600gt, it was impossible to know where my CPU bottleneck would come into play. If only i waited till after i read this article. :( 

However, I am happy to note that I got incredible results with AVIVO hardware acceleration.
1080p H.264 video used to peg my cpu at 100%, and was completely unwatchable.
Now i am at less than 10%!!!!

The article shows results of around 80%-100% cpu usage. I am getting much better than that. However, I am using catalyst 8.5 drivers, with the AGP hotfix, perhaps that is the difference.
Anways, I would have been fine with a HD3650 AGP (or 2600xt) for DXVA acceleration, but i went for the HD3850 with the hopes that i may get enough of a boost for new games.
Not the case.
With old games though, i am able to run at much higher settings than i was with my 6600gt.. but i'm sick of those old games. LOL

Oh well, i'm still very happy with the DXVA acceleration.
June 8, 2008 6:05:36 PM

How did you get DXVA working? I'm only able to ge it working for the Cyberlink codecs. ATi's own MPEG decoder doesn't use DXVA, nor does MS' VC-1 decoder :-(
June 23, 2008 7:56:54 AM

MPC-HC internal DXVA codec.