Windows Server 2008 VPN setup (how to?)

This should be an easy question for someone to answer. This is my setup running on my sig rig:

VMWare Workstation 6.5
Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (has emulated dual ethernet ports for VPN)
VPN Routing and services installed
DMZ on router for LAN IP of server (can't figure out how to do it any other way for global connections)

All clients are either Vista or XP, non Linux machines.

The good news:
Users can connect to my server IP (global IP) address and it works on the server. All internet traffic gets tunneled to users through my connection. Users can ping stuff on my LAN (not connected to VPN). However that was yesterday. Today, once users connect to the VPN, they can no longer access webpages.

The bad news:
Users can't access local stuff like game servers, shared hard drives, device network discovery, etc. I am sure I am missing a setting or something as I'm quite new to setting up a server. If anyone has an idea of what I have to enable, I'd really appreciate it!

The reason I am doing this is as of lately, Hamachi has been very slow to non working in the evenings and I am setting this up as a backup but it looks like it may just be a primary solution as there are more features that I can activate.

Basically, what I want is the ability with my VPN to be like Hamachi. IE, outside users can VPN to me when my server is active and still maintain the ability to use hard drive sharing, just as if they were on my own network. Basically bridging networks.

Also, can someone recommend a virtual network adapter program for VPN connections so that all internet traffic for my users doesn't get tunneled through mine?

I am a basic Windows Server 2008 user, so if people could, in addition to telling me terms, list where it is located as well. Thanks in advance o server gurus!
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  1. Here is my guess:

    The reason why people cannot access web pages any more after establishing VPN is because the internal network they connected does not provide them with name resolution. They also can't access shared drives etc. because of very similar reason; they aren't provided with WINS server that does Microsoft NETBIOS name resolution.

    To confirm my guess, ask outside people to connect web site with IP address instead of the name. For example:

    1) nslookup -> will give you an IP address
    2) http://<yahoo IP address>

    If this is the case, you need to (set up)/(provide name server) to your VPN clients. Same thing applies for WINS server.
  2. it might also mean that each device is not setup correctly in windows 2008 server, from what i understand each one of those network cards has an on off button.
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